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Yes! Attending Reunion
Where do you live now? VI, VI USA
Spouse/Partner Cindy Goodson
Are you employed? Professor of Criminal Justice & Homeland Security
Children? Haley, born 1985; Bradley "Taan", born 1988, Granddaughter: Jazzi, 2013
Did you serve in the Military? (Thank you for your service!) United States Marine Corps  
What have you checked off your Bucket List?

Traveling to foreign lands
Scuba Diving
Snow skiing
Sailing the Caribbean
Petting large sharks
Holding an octopus
Living in the Caribbean
Being a published author
Viet Nam Memoirs: CAP MOT, published 1997
Law Enforcement Memoirs: COUNTRY COP, published 2020

What remains on your Bucket List?

A trip to Australia and New Zealand to see old friends
Diving the RMS Rhone
Sailing from USVI to the U.S. and back.
Creating a time machine to do it all over again.

Do you have a favorite school story?

We had a class bully who I caught beating on a friend of mine. I grabbed the boy (identity will not be revealed); shoved him into a locker, and shut the door; effectively locking him away for the duration. I guess that made me a bully as well, which was short lived as I felt a hand on my shoulder and a man's voice saying, "Do you want to let him out, Barry." I turned to discover our DE teacher, Mr. Sullivan, standing behind me. He had been watching the entire episode. He assured me that I would open the locker door to free my captive. I did so and the boy never, to my knowledge, bullied another student. Mr. Sullivan did not send me to the office and as far as I know, never reported the incident.

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Barry Goodson has a birthday today.
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May 31, 2022 at 4:00 PM

Hey, Ronnie. That is an excellent way to bring attention to our focus on reuniting America. Good call with displaying the flag...beautiful car as well.

Barry Goodson has a birthday today.
Jan 29, 2022 at 3:33 AM
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May 29, 2020 at 8:12 AM

Hello everyone. I have a new book that was just published and released by the University of North Texas Press. The title is COUNTRY COP: TRUE TALES OF A TEXAS DEPUTY SHERIFF. Please check it out at or

Contact: Bess Whitby, Marketing Manager FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Email:
Phone: 940-565-2142
University of North Texas Press announces the May 2020 release of Country Cop: True Tales from a Texas Deputy Sheriff by Barry Goodson.
The deputy sheriff or sheriff of a county often is perceived as the lone officer protecting the citizens of a small town. Country Cop is the riveting story of one such deputy sheriff, Barry Goodson, and his experiences with the Parker County Sheriff’s office in the 1990s and early 2000s in North Texas. Goodson puts the reader in his patrol car to vicariously share what it is like to be in county law enforcement. He reveals his officer’s skills, which include the ability to identify an offender immediately, to assess that offender’s immediate intent (apparent or not), and to decide on proper action.
Calls from dispatch ranged from a simple need to clear livestock from the highways to shots fired or a 150 mph high-speed auto chase of drug dealers. More often, drug dealer attacks erupted during a perceived normal traffic stop with the offender suddenly producing a weapon, forcing Goodson to use force to subdue the individual. Even a domestic violence call takes an adverse turn when the battered wife attacks with a pair of scissors.
“Country Cop highlights well not only the unique and varied role the sheriff’s office plays in law enforcement, but the many challenges faced by rural police agencies. The book is strongest when detailing an area of law enforcement the author faced and then sharing stories based on that topic.”—Willard Oliver, author of Homeland Security for Policing, Community-Oriented Policing, and co-author of Introduction to Criminal Justice
BARRY GOODSON is the author of CAP Môt, the story of his Marine service in Vietnam (UNT Press) and professor of criminal justice and homeland security with Columbia Southern University.
978-1-57441-788-3 cloth $34.95 978-1-57441-800-2 ebook
6x9. 464 pp. 20 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Criminal Justice. Texas History. Memoir. MAY 15, 2020
University of North Texas Press • 1155 Union Circle #311336 • Denton, TX 76203-5017

Barry Goodson has left an In Memory comment for Bobby Clanton.
Apr 16, 2019 at 3:33 PM

Bobby and I went through all our years at Paschal together.  We followed each other to the Tarrant County Junior College (south campus).  The last time I saw him, he was talking about wanting to be a reporter.  He was a good man.  We finished one semester together and then I joined the Marines; never saw him again.  God speed, Bobby; may you rest in peace.

Kind regards,

Barry Goodson

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Barry Goodson has left an In Memory comment for Barney Lockhart.
Feb 26, 2019 at 11:33 AM

I knew Barney all through elementary to high school.  He was a great man, a good friend, and a galliant soldier.  He and I were in Viet Nam the same year but different branches.  I served as a CAP Marine with the MARSOC Combined Action Program.  My unit was in the Quang Tin Province; just north of Chu Lai, Viet Nam.  I was severely wounded on April 25, 1969 and returned home just in time to attend Barney's funeral.  Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice, Barney.  I can tell by the medals represented on your virtual wall that your loyalty and commitment to duty that you displayed throughout our childhood days served to guide your steps in combat as well.  Rest in peace my friend. 

Barry Goodson has left an In Memory comment for Norman Ham.
Feb 26, 2019 at 11:33 AM

Norman and I were best of friends from our beginning years as School Safety Officers at B.H. Carroll, through Rosemont and then all through Paschal.  Norman was one of the nicest guys a person could hope for as a friend.  When I returned from combat in Viet Nam, Norman hunted me down and invited me to join him for a home-cooked meal in his apartment in Dallas.  While I was in Viet Nam, Norman was in Spain serving as a translator from the American Embassy.  Norman was fluent in three languages; Spanish, English, and French.  When we were in high school, I used to visit with him and his family quite often.  His mother was of French descent and fixed some awesome meals.  Everyone in Norman's family was just as nice and caring as Norman. He was a good friend.  I was sorry to hear of his demise. Norman always had a heart for Spain and France.  I have no doubt that had he lived a full life, he would have been a tremendous contribution to both countries and would have represented our country proudly.  You are missed, Norman.  Good Lord willing, maybe we will meet again someday.

Your friend,

Barry Goodson

Class, 1967

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